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Teaching English in Cambodia Info

Why TEFL teaching in Cambodia is great!

Cambodia has reinvented itself as a destination full to bursting with breathtaking temples, gorgeous beaches and a fascinating heritage. A laid-back and enticing land, the real pleasure comes from its ability to make you feel like an explorer again.

Cambodia is still recovering from the dark days of the Khmer Rouge, when teachers were executed and schools were closed. Consequently, the adult population has a low literacy rate and only one-fourth of eligible children get a secondary education. Cambodia has only recently begun to make a significant mark on the EFL map. But English-fever has hit the country in a big way. The young see leaning English as the key to a better life – a chance to secure the opportunity to study and work abroad or, at least, to study and get a good job in their own country. The vast majority of the EFL opportunities are in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh, which has a population of about 1 million. However, positions are also available in Sihanoukville in the south, and Siem Reap, home to the famous temples of Angkor, although these are generally lower paid. Positions outside the cities are likely to be voluntary.

Once in a lifetime moments…

Drink lots of water. Never drink tap water, purified bottled water is available everywhere.

Use an insect repellent against mosquitoes. It is the only way to be sure of protection against mosquito borne diseases. Since Cambodia has a hot and humid tropical climate, casual and light-weight clothing is best. Clothing made from natural fibers is the best option. A jacket might be needed on cool winter evenings or in hotels and restaurants using excessive air-conditioning. A hat and high-factor sun block is advisable as protection against the hot sun when sightseeing.

When visiting temples or pagodas, including those of Angkor Wat, shorts and T-shirts are acceptable. Shoes are generally removed at the entrance to pagodas. For visits to the Silver Pagoda, which is within the Royal Palace grounds, visitors are asked to dress more formally. Gentlemen are required to wear long trousers and ladies should wear long trousers or long skirts.

Standard film, (such as Kodak, FUJI or Konica 100), slide and digital camera memory are widely available. Photos are inexpensive to process in the country. Any specialized photo equipment should be brought with you. Photography in airports, railway stations and near any military installations is forbidden and discretion should be used when photographing people, particularly monks. The cheapest & best quality photo service in Phnom Penh is SPK Photo Studio FUJI Shop at Monivong Blvd.


What do you need to teach in Cambodia?

To be a TEFL teacher in Cambodia you need a TEFL certificate, which can be obtained through completing our TEFL Course. Plus, you would benefit from completing our Online EFL Tutor Certification Course so that you can earn even more while teaching in Cambodia or anywhere in the world. The Working Visa Requirements for Cambodia are always changing so it would be best to check directly with them. For most visitors to the Kingdom, visa are obtainable upon arrival at both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International Airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Gap year opportunities

After obtaining your a relevant visa,

You will always be eligible to teach online from anywhere in the world with our

Online Tutoring Certification Course.

To find out more chat with us on our live chat or email us at .

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December 19, 2017

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