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Teaching English in Germany Info

Why TEFL teaching in Germany is great!

Would you like to travel to a country that combines the best of its own traditional background with the modern technology of today?

Experience this peaceful country in the middle of Europe with its different types of buildings, cultures and landscapes as well as great people.

For ESL/EFL teachers who do not hold an EU Passport, Germany offers some of the best
prospects for working legally in continental Europe.

Most German institutions will not employ ESL/EFL teachers who do not to have an internationally recognized TEFL certificate. Commercial/Business experience and a working knowledge of German
will greatly help your chances of securing work. Invariably, ESL/EFL teachers in Germany end up
working on a freelance basis for 2 or 3 different schools.

Due to the globalisation of the English language, English becomes more and more and more important in Germany. Even if the English level at German schools is already pretty high many people want some additional training, especially in the business environment. High school English might be enough for a normal tourist in foreign countries but in business issues there is much more language knowledge required. That is why many companies offer English language courses to their employees for free in order to deepen their skills.


Once in a lifetime moments…

Freiberg am Neckar is located in the north of Stuttgart in South West Germany. Actually I am not living in Freiberg itself but in a small village near by. But as my high school has been in Freiberg nearly my whole life was taking place there.

In the morning I went to school by bus, motorbike or car, depending on the weather. We have spent our breaks at the little market place lake right next to the school which has always been fun, especially on sunny days in summer. After school I hung around with my mates having some ice-cream or coffee. Also many of us went to the fitness centre or soccer training during the week. At night we often had some homework or other stuff for school to do. The best part of the week has definitely been the weekend. In summer we spent all day at the open air pool enjoying some cocktails or having BBQ, later we went out to one of the numerous night clubs around. In winter we used to go to Stuttgart city which is a really beautiful place at every time of the year.

The time I like best is the period during Europe and World Championships in soccer that take place every two years. At this time in June and July the whole country is going crazy and everyone is just focused on the next match of our national team.

Since a couple of years we use to build up huge screens at public places in order to watch the matches with many other soccer fans which is really fun. After winning a match we drive around with our cars, blowing the horn, swaying German flags and just enjoying the victory. Awesome times!



What do you need to teach in Germany?

To be a TEFL teacher in Germany you need a TEFL certificate, which can be obtained through completing and of our TEFL courses. The Working Visa Requirements for Germany are always changing so it would be best to check directly with them. Non-EU citizens generally need to find a job and arrange a work permit before they arrive in Germany.

Gap year opportunities

After obtaining your working holiday visa,

You will always be eligible to teach online from anywhere in the world with our

Online Tutoring Certification Course.


To find out more chat with us on our live chat or email us at .

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December 19, 2017

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