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Teaching English in Hong Kong Info

Why TEFL teaching in Hong Kong is great!

Even if this special administration region of China is normally known for its high technology, there are still many traditions preserved. No other city in China balances the modernized western way of life with traditional Chinese practices so well, which makes Hong Kong unique and definitely worth to visit.

Hong Kong offers some of the best paid English-teaching jobs in the world. But the island’s frenetic
pace and 24/7 timetable is not for the faint-hearted.

Once in a lifetime moments…

The perfect start for a great but also stressful day in Hong Kong is the Tai Chi class, also known as shadow boxing, hold by Master Ng at Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.

After having a quick breakfast, you can take the traditional tram up to Victoria Peak, a mountain in the western half of Hong Cong island. The newly revamped Peak Tower has powerful telescopes, which allow you to witness the Hong Kong harbour in all its energetic glory.

Explore the Central district in order to get an overview over Hong Kong with its energetic hustle and bustle. Most of this area is linked by elevated walkway, allowing easy access to shopping centers.

The star ferries fleet has been carrying passengers between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island since 1888 and is still a popular way of transport for crossing the harbour today. At around AU$0.30 the 5 minute journey is one of Hong Kong’s cheapest and best attractions!

Hong Kong has over 260 outlying islands and Cheung Chau Island is definitely one of the prettiest ones.

Try the One Harbour Road restaurant at Grand Hyatt Hotel. You can choose between many different exquisite meals like wok-fried lobster with garlic and chilli, bean curd with egg-white scallops and wok-fried prawns with salty duck egg yolk.

Bars at Wan Chai District are open till late. Just watch out for all the attention the males will get from the ladies of the night working in every second establishment.

If there is still time left between, just take a cheap taxi and visit one of Hong Kong’s most popular destinations listed above.


What do you need to teach in Hong Kong?

To be a TEFL teacher in Hong Kong you need a TEFL certificate, which can be obtained through completing our TEFL course. We strongly encourage you to seek information from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Immigration Department well in advance of your intended travel date. Australian tourists do not require visas for visits of less than 90 days.

Gap year opportunities

After obtaining your a relevant visa,

You will always be eligible to teach online from anywhere in the world with our

Online Tutoring Certification Course.


To find out more chat with us on our live chat or email us at .

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December 19, 2017

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