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Teaching English in South Korea Info

Why TEFL teaching in South Korea is great!

Have you ever been to South Korea? Why not make it your next travel destination? Korea is a beautiful and exciting country with unexpected discoveries around every corner. Korea is a great place to visit everything from famous landmarks to picturesque countryside off the beaten track.

South Korea now rivals Japan as the busiest EFL/ESL teaching destination in the Pacific Rim. With an
estimated 100,000 institutes offering English lessons of some sort of another, you’d think the demand
for native-speaking English teachers would be huge. It is!!!


Once in a lifetime moments…

Learning English is very important in Korea, and is continuously gaining popularity. English is the major subject from primary school to high school. Most parents and students think students have to learn and study English as part of their life. It is common for students to learn at school, academies, and even private lessons. It is usual for students to be assigned as many English classes as Korean language classes. If we get a good score in English as well as other subjects, we can have the opportunity to go to a good university. Also, when we graduate at university with a good score in English, we can apply for jobs in good companies and foreign companies. As you can see English is a vital part of Korea and therefore English teaching jobs will always be in demand.



What do you need to teach in South Korea?

To be a TEFL teacher in South Korea you need a TEFL certificate, which can be obtained through completing our TEFL course. The Working Visa Requirements for South Korea are always changing so it would be best to check directly with them. Working Holiday visas for 6 to 12 months will allow you to work for 3 months fulltime; otherwise, you will need an employer to sponsor you for a work visa.


Gap year opportunities

After obtaining your a relevant visa,

You will always be eligible to teach online from anywhere in the world with our

Online Tutoring Certification Course.


To find out more chat with us on our live chat or email us at .

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December 19, 2017

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