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Why you Need International Work Experience on your Resume

Benefits of a Gap Year or Working Holiday

International work experience is now considered a must on any good resume. According to The Guardian, the numerous skills acquired while working overseas translate to a better and more developed skill set then that of workers who have only been employed in their home country. That is why teaching English overseas using our GEC TEFL Certificate will provide you with unbeatable experience to add to your resume. Or if you can’t find employment after graduation, our Online EFL Tutoring Certification gives you the opportunity to teach English online from anywhere in the world!

“By taking time out to travel and explore new destinations and cultures you will also be developing your soft skill set and the kinds of skills you may return with are transferable into the work place; for example leadership, team building, budgeting, negotiation and even determination and patience. Employers will also be impressed by the fact you have moved outside your comfort zone, particularly if you have undertaken paid or voluntary work or overcome any challenges during your trip” – RealGap

Here are just some of the benefits and skills you can add to your resume after teaching English overseas:

  1. Resourcefulness and resilience – Experiencing and overcoming challenges without the assistance of your home network base makes you better at dealing with challenges in the workplace.

  2. Cultural awareness – With the rise of multicultural populations and intercountry relations, cultural awareness is needed in every business. Therefore, your experience living in and experiencing a different culture shows your awareness and sensitivity skills, a great asset that can translate to any future career.

  3. Language – Living in a new country means that you will generally pick up conversational levels of the language spoken in your new country. That means you will be able to add that language to your resume and create better business relations in the future.

  4. Communication skills – Teaching conversational English using your TEFL Certificate is a great way to improve your communication skills, which all employers ask for.

  5. Organisational and team skills – Managing a classroom, lesson plans, and interacting with other teachers means that you will be well represented to organise yourself in your future roles and are able to interact effectively in a team situation.

Remember to document your experience, whether is paid or volunteer, and request referral letters from each of your international positions, as these will be great to add to your resume for future jobs.

Enrol today to begin your online or overseas TEFL career!

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December 19, 2017

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